Swiss Association for Nature Conservation in Argentina


The Mbyá say: 
“We are not poor if we do not have what we do not need. We are poor if we don’t have a forest, because we are part of the forest and the forest is part of us.” 

The following supporters contribute with their products to help the Mbyá keep their forest:

With the following Biopunx products you make the purchase of 62 cm x 62 cm forest possible for the Mbyá Guaraní:
Organic Tango Tea “Lime” and “Passion Fruit” 50 cL
Organic Mate Tea “Mint” and “Roiboos” 33 cL
125 g and 500 g Mate tea sin palo Biopunx

The following Fairtraders contribute to the purchase of forests with a licence fee of € 0.05/L for the organic tango tea “Lime” and “Passion Fruit
EZA Austria
CTM Italy
Oxfam Belgium

Siesta Oppi Canoe Shop
For every booking of a boat on Lake Schiffenen and Lake Wohlen, Fr. 1.00 is transferred to the forest purchase project.