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About us

About us


Sagittaria – Swiss Association for Nature Conservation in Argentina” is an association based in Baden, Switzerland. It supports the Argentinean Federico Wildermuth Foundation, founded 30 years ago, and its Pampa Reserve. This area is an important protection zone for the flora and fauna of the Pampa. These are threatened by transgenic monocultures, especially soya cultivation and the use of pesticides. In the province of Misiones, in the north-east of Argentina, Sagittaria, together with the “Asociación Impulso Solidario” (AIS), is campaigning for the return of Atlantic virgin forest to the indigenous population. 
Donations to Sagittaria can be deducted from taxes. Every franc is used for the acquisition of forest. All activities of the association are carried out on a voluntary basis. 

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The logo of the Sagittaria Association

“Sagittaria” comes from Latin and means “archer”. The plant genus arrowhead (Sagittaria) belongs to the frogspoon family. The “common arrowhead” (Sagittaria sagittifolia), native to Europe, is small and narrow-leaved. The “Montevideo arrowhead” (Sagittaria montevidensis), also called Argentine arrowhead, is a spectacular plant that can grow up to one metre high.  

That is why the Sagittaria leaf and the handshake in the association’s signet symbolise worldwide cooperation.

Asociación Impulso Solidario (AIS)

Sagittaria has been working closely with the Asociación Impulso Solidario since 2013.

The AIS emerged from the Cooperativa Ruiz de Montoya support association. This association sold products of the tea- and yerba mate farmers from the province of Misiones / Argentina in Europe from 1996 – 2012. For every kilo of tea sold, the support association put one franc into the solidarity fund, which supported the cooperative youth and social projects. The AIS will continue to receive licence fees for its tango iced tea from various international Fairtrade organisations until the end of 2022. Some Swiss companies support the projects with a contribution, see Supporters. Since 2013, the remaining solifund money and the new sources of income of the AIS are only invested in the purchase of forests for the Mbyá Guaraní. All activities of the association are carried out on a voluntary basis. 

Our Team

Matthias Bernhard
Media Specialist

Bernadette Müri
Board member
Retired investment advisor

Johannes Jenny
Board member
Project Manager
Dr. sc. nat. biology

Lili Jenny
Board member

Paul Brodmann
Board member
Personnel consultant